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Services we provide within the waste and resource management sector:  


Landfill gas

This is Åsa’s specialist field and passion. By reducing emissions of notably methane from landfills and other waste management facilities (biogas plants, composting facilities etc), we reduce the negative impact on the climate, which is something we can and should do!

With high ambition and expertise, we can help you to reduce the climate impact from your waste management facilities.

Seren has a lot of experience of landfill gas projects in many countries; from design and construction management of active landfill gas extraction systems to passive methane oxidation systems, from landfill gas modelling to monitoring and evaluating emissions, from landfill gas risk assessments to climate impact auditing and reporting. Seren has also written guidance documents for the Swedish Waste Management Association, participate in R&D-projects and provide training courses and lectures.


We can support you in all aspects of landfill management; design and construction management, construction quality assurance, procurement processes, risk assessments, operational plans and environmental permitting. The experience extends from old dilute and disperse landfills (non-sanitary) to sanitary landfills /modern landfills for inert, non-hazardous, and hazardous wastes.


Ground gas

Ground gas, regardless of its source, is an important risk to assess and consider, which can result in nasty consequences such as fire, explosions and ill health if ignored or misjudged. The gas source can originate from coal measures, dredgings, old landfills, peat etc. Seren is part of the UK Ground Gas community since many years and stays updated with regular participation in CIRIA events.

We can assist with investigations and risk assessments, suggest protective measures following the BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 methodology and we work with designers on implementation and construction control.

Leachate Management

Leachate Management is another of our services we provide. We do leachate assessments, water balance calculations, suggest leachate management solutions, assist in procuring and construction and project management of leachate treatment plants.


Project management

Seren AB can undertake project management for your waste and resource management projects, such as environmental permit applications and construction management.

We are happy to have an international client base and have, in addition to the Scandinavian countries, undertaken work in countries such as Lithuania, Poland, the UK, South Africa and Ghana.

Outdoor Pursuits


We have many years of experience in organising, guiding and teaching leadership in a range of outdoor sports and activities. Matt is an instructor/guide in the following activities; sea kayaking, mountain biking, powerboat, mountaineering, trail running and rowing.

To deliver the very best experiences work in partnership with several other local organisations.