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About us

Åsa Strickland

Waste and resource management consultant



Environmental consultant with more than 20 years of experience.
MSc Chemical Engineering, PhD Environmental Biotechnology




Key Qualifications

Landfill gas management
Ground gas assessments
Landfill construction and capping
Leachate management
Waste- and resource management


Waste and resource management consultant – specialising in all aspects of landfill gas management, landfill construction and leachate management

Åsa specialises in all aspects of landfill gas management and waste and resource management. In recent years, her passion for the monitoring fugitive landfill gas emissions, and measures to reduce them has become a focus area as it is important to reduce the impact on climate change.

Landfill gas management skills includes landfill gas modelling, landfill gas management strategies, monitoring and interpretation of fugitive emissions, feasibility studies, audits and design of active landfill gas extraction systems, design of passive landfill gas management systems etc.

Åsa is engaged in professional associations such as the Swedish Institute of Waste Management and The Swedish Gas Association. She has written several Swedish guidance documents in landfill gas management and she is also an expert with the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency in nuclear waste management.

With an MSc in Chemical Engineering and a research degree in Environmental Biotechnology, Åsa has worked in the waste and resource management field in all her career, initially based in the UK.  

Other the landfill gas management, she is also involved in leachate management projects as well as landfill construction, management, capping and closure projects, and environmental permitting.

Åsa has extensive experience of project management of landfill construction and design projects (IChemE, FIDIC och AMA) and construction quality assurance. She has also been project managing composting, biogas, and leachate construction projects.

In 2009, Åsa was co- founder of the multidisciplinary consultancy Caulmert Ltd, a company which continues to develop and thrive in the UK. She was awarded Young Director of the Year Award by the IOD in 2013.

In 2014, Åsa relocated with the family to Sweden where she is based.

When time allows, she also contributes to the second half of Seren AB, and take part in sea kayaking guiding and rental, mountain biking guiding and company events. 

Matt Strickland

Experienced Guide and Instructor in Outdoor Pursuits


Matt gained a BSc in Biology from the University of North Wales, UK, worked for ten years as an outdoor pursuits instructor at Plas Menai – The National Watersports Centre for Wales, his main sports being sea kayaking and mountain skills and climbing.  He has guided many sea kayaking expeditions in the challenging tidal waters in Wales, Scotland and Ireland as well as is Norway, Spain and of course Sweden.

He then spent a further ten years working for the Environment Agency in Wales as a Technical Recreation Advisor both within the organisation and also to the Welsh Government, before moving to Sweden in 2014.

In Sweden, he is a fireman with Räddningstjänsten Höganäs, and also works as a translator of technical environmental documents from Swedish to English.

His passion is guiding people in all sorts of challenging environments. And in parallel to being a fireman, he has continued working in the outdoor sector, with the fantastic Kullaberg area as base.